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Total Freight Consolidation and Supply Chain Logistics

SECO is a complete, far-reaching supply chain solution for full load and LTL shipments. Traffic managers, large national retailers, and drivers rely on SECO for a cost competitive, secure way to seamlessly manage each freight segment from advance, to crossdocking, to outbound logistics. From locations in major markets across the U.S., we provide innovative operations, on-site driver services, and transportation management to keep you moving without unnecessary costs or delay.

Flexible Transportation Management Solutions

Simplify the process of managing your high volume, high piece count, multi-sort freight with a scalable, end-to-end supply chain management solution.

Transloading & Consolidation

SECO helps retailers to cut costs, process freight faster, reduce inventory and even eliminate warehousing. We break down shipments and consolidate freight rapidly and cost-effectively, helping you to improve your spending, fleet size, and environmental footprint.

Transportation Management

For more than 25 years, SECO has provided the expertise, flexible transportation management, and supply chain solutions for vendors of every size and complexity. We collaborate to develop the exact solution you need to reduce costs and transit times, and we execute on that plan flawlessly.

Pool Distribution

SECO creates measurable time and cost improvements. We sort off-loaded merchandise then combine inventory onto route trucks for on-time store delivery. Reduce transit times, maintain shipment integrity, reduce claims risk, and increase savings.

Import Container Deconsolidation

Streamline and track every phase of the complex import container deconsolidation process. We manage every step from arrival at major ports and rail yards, to drayage, to deconsolidation in a SECO facility where we process your freight and pass it along to its final destination.

SECO will help you optimize your supply chain. Call us now.