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Pool distribution is one of the surest ways to lower your transportation costs and improve transit times.

SECO excels at sorting, combining, and delivering high volume, high piece count, multi-sort ‘fingerprint’ freight with less time, handling, and cost than LTL.

If you’re regularly managing multiple LTL shipments, it’s likely your transit times are unnecessarily long and overcomplicated. Your inventory may be at a greater jeopardy of being damaged or misrouted due to multiple re-handlings at the LTL carrier’s origin, intermediate, and destination terminals.

Pool distribution is less risky, more operationally efficient, faster, and more cost-effective than LTL shipments. Instead of moving your LTL shipments from one facility to another for repeated crossdocking, you can send a full truckload directly to SECO as a volume shipment.

In our strategically located distribution facilities, SECO off-loads the merchandise. We sort and segregate the merchandise based on its final destination. The pooled shipments are loaded onto route delivery trucks for last mile service that gets your inventory to its intended retail location on time.

Key Benefits of the SECO Pool Distribution Solution

  • Better speed-to-market
  • Cost savings through mode shifting
  • Cube optimization
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • End-to-end shipment visibility
  • Fewer claims due to handling errors
  • Improve transit times through shipment velocity
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Maintain shipment integrity
  • Next day service

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