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Speed to market is a competitive advantage. This is how you deliver with fewer steps in the supply chain.

Transloading and consolidation solutions have been our business for a quarter century. Retailers of every size trust SECO to create speed and cost savings by breaking down shipments and sorting freight with expertise and precision.

How – and how often – your cargo is transferred determines the time it takes to satisfy an order. SECO transloading and consolidation solutions simplify the supply chain and remove unnecessary steps and delays. The result is measurably faster turnaround time and lower transportation costs.

SECO is an experienced and award-winning high volume freight consolidator, distributor, transportation management provider, and collaborative logistics provider. Since 1991, we have been breaking down shipments and consolidating freight to meet the specific demands of retailers of all sizes.

Acting as a consolidation point, SECO schedules and manages the movement of FTL and LTL shipments from virtually any vendor location to one of our strategically located facilities in Atlanta and Dallas, and then on to its final destination.

Benefits of SECO Transloading and Consolidation

Avoid unnecessary warehousing

As inbound material is received in one of our large crossdock areas, we sort it based on your pre-set guidelines and then stage the segmented cargo for efficient loading.

Optimize efficiency

Using a highly controlled unloading process, we sort and load merchandise onto trailers based on customer specific guidelines.

Fewer trucks on the road

SECO optimizes cube utilization to make the most logical use of total space in each outbound trailer.

Dependable throughput

When your cargo has been fully cubed, or partial loads have been released to maintain Level of Service (LOS), we dispatch the trailer to its final destination.

Like everything we do at SECO, the transloading and consolidation process is direct, precise, and streamlined so your inventory never hits a delay in its path to market.

SECO will help you optimize your supply chain. Call us now.