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Flexible end-to-end supply chain and transportation management and attentive driver support.

SECO is an award-winning high volume freight consolidator, distributor, transportation management and collaborative logistics provider. We support the needs of retailers ranging in size and complexity from regional providers to some of the nation’s most respected brands.

Our Mission & Values
Lasting relationships with customers, carriers, and partners on a foundation of honesty and integrity.
Our Team
Tenure, dedication to clients and company, and practical knowledge of what retailers and drivers need.

SECO is an end-to-end provider of complete freight consolidation and transportation supply chain solutions. Since opening our first crossdock facility in 1991, we have taken great pride in satisfying client needs with absolute precision and dedication. From innovating new transportation management offerings to opening facilities that accommodate regional and linked intra-regional routes, we continue to build capabilities to support the success of our clients.

SECO is a recognized industry leader in Supply Chain Management. By uniting best-in-class providers and resources under the SECO umbrella, we are able to customize a complete, scalable transportation strategy that meets each customer’s immediate and ongoing transportation management needs. And our dedicated customer service representatives make sure that the solution works consistently to create benefits like reduced warehousing requirements, faster transit times, and more reliable on-time deliveries – factors that translate into competitive advantages for you.

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