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SECO is a best-in-class freight consolidation and distribution company that provides flexible, scalable solutions and personalized service for retailers, carriers, and drivers.

SECO brings together the best providers and capabilities to create a cost-effective solution that can satisfy your specific freight, transportation, and supply chain needs securely and expediently from a single point of contact. We are not a trucking company. We do not operate a pre-built structure. Whatever schedule or load type you’re running, look to SECO for the operations and resources you need to keep your business pointed in the right direction.

Transloading & Consolidation

SECO facilities are strategically located and designed for the most efficient freight scheduling, unloading, sorting, consolidation, and delivery.

Transportation Management

Collaboration, expertise, and multiple solutions options create measurable cost and time improvements for vendors of every size and complexity.

Pool Distribution

Expedite the supply chain by sorting off-loaded freight and combining inventory onto route trucks for absolutely efficient on-time store delivery.

Import Container Deconsolidation

Precise, streamlined, visible freight unloading, sorting, segregating, and delivery solution that runs from port of arrival to final destination.

Each supply chain segment has its own complexities – and its own opportunities for creating efficiencies that translate into time and cost savings. SECO optimizes each leg in the supply chain. From arrival at point of origin, through crossdocking in a SECO facility, to the moment it arrives at the distribution center or retail point, you’ll know when, where, and how your freight is moving.

Your requirements and complexities are unique. They’re also likely to change as your company pursues performance improvements and competitive advantages. We meet those needs with flexible operations, strategic locations, advanced consolidation and distribution systems, and a collaborative mindset. This total service approach allows us to scale and adapt with you – and allows you to rely on superior, uninterrupted service.

Other Key Features of the SECO Total Freight Management Solution

  • A single billing source simplifies bookkeeping and minimizes financial errors
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly data exchange and reporting ensures easy, clear tracking of all routed merchandise
  • SECO’s total Yard Management System (YMS) provides real-time automation, control, and optimization for gate, yard, and dock operations
  • Powerful mobile scanning and barcoding increase the speed and accuracy of data collection, entry, processing, and accessibility
  • Superior modern security at all facilities includes 24-hour CCTV coverage, electrified anti-intrusion fencing, 24/7/365 uniformed security, and computerized load and yard management

SECO will help you optimize your supply chain. Call us now.