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Devin Sarten

Vice President of Operations – West

3345 Miller Park North
Garland, TX 75042 • 214-412-8206

I have been in the transportation industry for 20 years. The one thing that always sticks in my mind is, “This product could be mine!” That thought drives my commitment to provide the best service, quality, and efficiency with everything we touch.

Our economy will always need to move goods from Point A to B. That takes people. I love working with this diverse team, helping them to grow and succeed in an industry that will always exist. SECO is a premier service provider because every member of our team focuses on improving the speed, cost, and dependability of retailer’s products.

Every day, drivers come into our facilities. They’ve traveled many miles and we want them to have a good experience with us. That means giving them options like a live unload trailer or a drop trailer, helping them get in and out without any delay, so they get back to work efficiently and maybe even get home faster.

I joined the SECO team as the Dallas General Manager in 2010. Since then, I’ve progressed into the role of Vice President of Operations for the Western region. As a leader and a part of the team, I help to shape the vision and leadership of the organization. I also take responsibility for the safety, welfare, and performance of our people.

My commitment to these values goes beyond what I do during the workday. For more than 10 years, I’ve volunteered as a coach and mentor in youth sports. At SECO, I see firsthand the importance of values like teamwork, leadership, friendship, and humility. Coaching children is a great way to have a profound effect on their growth and the future of our great nation.